What exactly is an attraction chart? (and ways to Make One)

What exactly is an attraction <a href=""></a> chart? (and ways to Make One)

Among the traditional knowledge within the UX developer’s toolbox is an affinity chart (sometimes also known as an affinity drawing). If you have ever viewed a photograph of a lot of manufacturers waiting before gluey notes on a wall, an affinity chart is exactly what you had been probably evaluating.

Basically, affinity mapping is actually placing a number of sticky records with some ideas on it on a wall surface then grouping them according to their own parallels (affinities). These groupings will allow you to pull insights and design that will help you establish effortlessly toward after that procedures.

In this article, We’ll first explain exactly why as well as how affinity mapping suits inside UX processes. After that we will walk-through just what it appears like in two typical need covers: pulling-out insights from data notes and organizing layout tactics. Some tips about what I’ll include:

1. precisely why make use of attraction mapping?

Before we obtain inside technicians of it, let’s simply take a minute to consider through whenever and just why affinity mapping can be useful for your requirements. Since it is everything about extracting ideas and seeing motifs, attraction mapping is particularly useful in proper phases for the layout lifecycle-particularly the empathize and ideate phase . You can utilize it to better perceive users in addition to their desires, to establish items criteria, or even to plan future items qualities. If you need a lot of information guidelines or ideas and require to extract all of them lower, affinity maps become a fantastic means having for your use.

2. How to create an attraction map

Affinity mapping keeps three basic measures. You’ll tweak each of them to fit your very own style, but the bones looks like this:

  1. Write down every information aim or concept on another gooey notice and put it on a wall structure
  2. 1 by 1, collect gluey records and people linked notes into clusters
  3. Think on or discuss the motifs and categories you have created and how they influence your next procedures

Attraction mapping they can be handy as an organization task or independently. Below are a few factors to consider when deciding who should really be involved with your mapping activity.

As a group…

Affinity mapping was perfect to teamwork since it is bodily, interactive, and lots of men and women can take part at the same time. Visitors discover kinesthetically by writing out, obtaining, and physically engaging with sticky notes. It is a powerful way to immerse designers and stakeholders in individual analysis by letting all of them keep quotations and findings in their hands.

Additionally, more people indicates considerably viewpoints. The range of knowledge and experiences an organization gives can generate most innovative insights or better ideation. If you should be synthesizing studies, you might want to put cross-functional downline to exploit this.


Affinity mapping can often be thought of as a group recreation, but individual affinity mapping could be extremely useful, also. I used it on most work on which I’m the sole specialist and designer, and my UX students utilize it on a regular basis on individual research projects. As a person strategy, it’s a relatively rapid option to take out insights from the data records and mastered their habit of prefer specific narratives (i.e.confirmation prejudice). By physically (or digitally) spreading your investigation notes and collection them, you appear at anything with new vision and create area to draw new contacts you hadn’t seen during your genuine studies.

Another issue is that affinity mapping try the majority of typically looked at as an in-person activity. This is because for the put benefits that the movement and physical items bring.

But there are many big tools out there for digital attraction mapping, referring to much more important than in the past with additional associated with technology staff heading isolated. The instances here are thought for real mapping, but may be easily adjusted to an electronic perspective. Whenever functioning solo, I like to utilize this free outline template. Tools like LucidChart, Upboard, and Stormboard all are worth checking out to get more team-based affinity mapping.